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DECA is a club that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. We, as a club, participate in competitions at district, state and international levels. At each level of competition students will partake in two role plays and complete a test. Students that participate in our organization will get to choose a category of their choice in business that they prefer and enjoy. DECA further develops education in marketing and distribution which will contribute to occupational competence: and to promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive, enterprise system.

Even though DECA is a club, students have to work hard. The environment around our current DECA members make new members welcomed and feel as if they are in our DECA family! Our DECA club contributes to our community through community service; we conduct multiple team bonding activities that make our students more social and active, we have multiple fundraising activities that will help provide students with assistance in paying their competition fees. We also conduct numerous study sessions for students that want to thrive in DECA competitions and represent the WIDEFIELD GLADIATORS!

DECA is not like any other club in Widefield, it’s a prestigious organization that is passionate in creating the next generation of business entrepreneurs. DECA is known worldwide and can become very competitive even in high school competitions. DECA prepares students for real life business scenarios and anything that might come at them in the business world and/or in life in general. To many of the students that attend DECA, their favorite part is the competitions they have a chance to go to. This is their favorite part about DECA because they have a chance to meet people from around their district, their state, and around the world.

DECA Widefield, home of the Gladiators, welcomes you to our DECA family! Be epic in the upcoming year and suit up for success in your domination at district, state and international competitions!

Join DECA (Wednesdays during lunch) and experience the transformation...