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Computer Science and Vocational Classes

Classes offered:

Computer Science Principles and A (CSA- after completing CSP), Computer Hardware (Seniors and Juniors), Cybersecurity (Juniors and Seniors)

Web Design

Auto, Metals, Small Engines, Car Care

Marriage and Relationships, Singles Living, Parenting, Food Skills and Catering

Accounting, Finance, PC Apps, Sports Marketing


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Learn more about Colorado Content Standards for Career and Technical Education. The attached web page may be found on the Colorado Community College System website. Follow the links for Colorado Content Standards for Career and Technical Education, (CTE), as well as the Colorado Common Core Standards to which all CTE standards are tied.

The diagram illustrates the Career and Technical Education Career Clusters Pathways and associated high school coursework. Students are encouraged to identify areas of interest along the career pathways and pursue coursework while in high school to develop skills and aptitudes for the workplace and post secondary education.

Students with these skills and educational experiences tend to be among the most successful at the postsecondary level. These same students are also better equipped to support themselves after high school with higher paying jobs as they contribute to their living expenses and post secondary educational costs.

Here is further information about Career and Technical Education in Widefield School District 3