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Library Catalog (Destiny):  Search for a book or resource.

EBSCO:  Online database for newspaper and magazine resources. Username: Wide  Password: field2019! 

Online Encyclopedia   Britannica                                         Username: wsd3  Password: books

Summer Reading Suggestions

Controversial Topics:  Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Controversial issues.  Read about both sides in order to understand and come to a decision


Electronic eBook Shelves Overdrive:

Student Login Structure: UN: student ID (1234567890)PW: UPPER CASE initials + 4 digit number + lower case initials (JD1234jd)

Staff Login:UN: IC username (DoeJane)

PW: initials + 6 digit staff ID (jd123456)



About the Library

Student Union Hours Monday-Friday 3-4:15 PM

Students may check out a limit of 4 books.

Printing:  The first 3 copies are free.Then copies cost .10 and can be paid in cash only.

Reading Suggestions

Check out the book Kids of Appetite.  The story follows the main character on a scavenger hunt left by his father and along the way meets other kids that join him in the journey.